IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Aided

Control Systems Design



Plenary speaker

Jan Maciejowski, University of Cambridge

"The changing face and role of CACSD"


Research Topics


Numerical methods for system analysis and design

Symbolic methods for systems and control

Optimization-based control system analysis and design

Soft-computing algorithms

Computer-aided modeling and simulation

Embedded and networked systems design and implementation

Rapid prototyping, real-time aspects and target-specific code generation

CACSD environments for systems analysis and design including toolboxes

Architectures for Internet/Intranet computing

Computer-based teaching and learning environments

Tools for industrial controller design, monitoring and tuning

Computer aided design and calibration of automotive control systems

CACSD applications and case studies  


International Program Committee


Fernando J. Barros, Portugal

Bert van Beek, The Nederlands

Christian Bohn, Germany

Jan F.  Broenink, The Nederlands

Francesco Casella, Italy

Miroslav Fikar, Slovakia

Adrian Gambier, Germany

Denis Gillet, Switzerland

Tore Hägglund, Sweden

Zdenek Hanzalek, Czech Republic

William S. Levine, USA

Yun Li, UK

Herman Mann, Czech Republic

Grantham Pang, Hong Kong

Ricardo Sanz, Spain

Antonis I.G. Vardulakis, Greece

Josep Vehi, Spain

Herbert Werner, Germany