2006 CCA/CACSD/ISIC Best Student-Paper Awards




To recognize excellence in a conference paper whose primary contributor is a  Student Member of the IEEE, the Best Student Paper Award is granted separately for each of the three conferences. The unique eligibility criterion for the award is that the primary contributor of a paper was a student at the time of original submission. The basis for judging candidate papers is originality, clarity, and potential impact on practical applications of control.


The winners receive a certificate laminated on a plaque and travel expenses to the 2006 CCA/CACSD/ISIC, round trip restricted (minimal) coach air fare, conference registration, and three hotel nights. Up to five finalists will be selected for each conference. All finalists receive certificates. The presentation of the awards will take place at the 2006 CCA/CACSD/ISIC Conference Banquet on  Thursday, October 5.


2006 CCA     - two prizes jointly funded by the IEEE Control Systems Society and The Mathworks. 
2006 ISIC     - funded by the The Automation and Robotics Institute at The University of Texas at Arlington. 


2006 IEEE CCA Finalist Papers (student names bolded)


1. Thomas Conord, Tarunraj Singh
Robust Input Shaper Design using Linear Matrix Inequalities
Schedule code: ThA10.4

2. Alexander Kharitonov, Oliver Sawodny
Flatness-Based Disturbance Decoupling for Heat and Mass Transfer Processes with Distributed Control
Schedule code: WeB09.5

3. Wilfred Kwok, Daniel E. Davison
A Separation Principle Associated with Sensor Time Delay Compensation in Feedback Control
Schedule code: FrC08.1

4. Sikandar Samar, Dimitry Gorinevsky, Stephen P. Boyd
Embedded Estimation of Fault Parameters in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Schedule code: FrC10.1

5. Vivek Yadav, Radhakant Padhi, S.N. Balakrishnan
Robust/Optimal Temperature Profile Control Using Neural Networks
Schedule code: FrC07.1 


2006 IEEE ISIC Finalist Papers (student names bolded)

 1. Alma Y. Alanis, Edgar N. Sanchez, Alexander G. Loukianov
Discrete-Time Nonlinear Recurrent High Order Neural Observer
Schedule code: ThB03.5  

2. Atalla Sayda, James H. Taylor
An Implementation Plan for Integrated Control and Asset Management of Petroleum Production Facilities
Schedule code: ThA03.1

3. Nishant Unnikrishnan, Radhakant Padhi, S.N. Balakrishnan
Dynamic Re-Optimization of a Spacecraft Attitude Controller in the Presence of Uncertainties
Schedule code: WeB03.2