The role of driver assistance systems in a future traffic scenario                       

Prof. Raymond Freymann, BMW Group Research and Technology







It is shown in how far driver assistance systems can contribute to enhance the overall traffic safety. Thereby it must be considered as a goal to increase the performance of active safety systems in the scope of an integrated approach, allowing to realize a variety of interactions between the three elements involved in a traffic scenario, say the driver, the vehicle and the driving environment. Focus is pointed on the related technology, the inherent system complexity and aspects of customer acceptance.

Raymond Freymann is Managing Director of BMW Group Research and Technology since 2003. He has an engineering degreee in aerospace technology and a doctor of engineering degree from the Technical University of Braunschweig. He has performed a ten years research work in the aerospace sector at the Institute of Aeroelasticity of the DLR (German Aerospace Research Center) in Göttingen and at the Flight Dynamics Laboratory of Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton (Ohio). His career at BMW Group started in 1986 as Head of Structural Dynamics and Acoustics. Raymond Freymann got his habilitation from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in 2000 and is acting as a honorary professor at the TUM.